Passionfruit Martini | Car Diffuser Oil

Passionfruit Martini | Car Diffuser Oil

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Scent your car with our amazing hand-blended car diffuser oils. Ideal to pair with an empty car diffuser bottle, or to refill one you already have!


  1. Fill your empty car diffuser with the dropper bottle
  2. Insert the mini diffuser reed (may need trimming)
  3. Add vent clip (if required)
  4. Screw lid back on as tight as possible
  5. Quick shake of the bottle
  6. Position in your car, not directly touching any part
  7. Scent will diffuse through the reed & lid
 Contents 10ml Car Diffuser Oil
Black Mini Reed Stick

Do not allow the liquid from inside the diffuser or refill bottle to drip or sit on any surfaces as this may cause damage. We cannot accept any liability for damages. Do not allow the product to touch any surfaces by using the string/vent clip.