About Us

Hi, and Welcome to Just Wicks. We're a small business based in South Yorkshire. Est. 2017.

How It All Begun

 I've always loved home fragrance ever since being a kid, I remember visiting a Yankee Candle shop in Bridlington with my Mum and Auntie and being amazed by all the different fragrances! 

Fast forward a good few years - September 2017, I decided that I was going to try and make my own candles, to try and stop me spending so much buying big brand candles as we had just moved into our first home and money was a little bit tight - and also to give me a little bit of a hobby.

I started giving them out to friends and family as gifts and quickly they started asking if they could purchase them! They quickly proved quite popular, so in 2018 we re-branded and re-launched as a 'business' as opposed to a little hobby.  

Jump forward to July 2019, we launched our website as I was struggling to keep up with the scraps of paper with orders written down everywhere, and also this was an opportunity to offer delivery, and a safe online payment too. 

In April 2021, Just Wicks became my full time job, it was a super big jump, however I love putting 100% into my products each and every day, and this has sped up our dispatch time too!​

Ever since we've been making a great variety of products, with Wax Melts now being our most popular. We're always looking for new products and gaps in the market to bring you amazing home fragrance.

About Our Products

I work super hard behind the scenes sourcing the best quality products and ingredients I can, whilst bringing them to you at an affordable price. 

The products are made with high quality fragrances, many of which are vegan friendly. We also use eco friendly soy wax which is super soft and creamy. All our fragranced products are hand poured/blended/made in our lovely home in South Yorkshire.

I pride myself on everything that we produce within our business, and I am certain that you will love filling each and every room in your home with outstanding, long lasting, home fragrance!

Environmentally Conscious

We do everything we can to make sure our products are as sustainable and environmentally as possible, below are just a few of the things we do!

  • Biodegradable packaging peanuts made from potato starch, pop them under hot water and watch them disappear! 
  • Eco friendly wax, from sustainable suppliers
  • Reused boxes and bubble wrap wherever possible
  • Paper bags for collection orders
  • Zero wax waste via our imperfects in our clearance section
  • Reusable candle containers - glass can be re used around the home for various storage
  • Refill options for home cologne and diffusers
  • Many of our products are vegan friendly 

Meet The Team

When I say meet the team, I say this loosely as I'm a solo business owner, but I do have a little help now and then!

Tom - Director

You'll find me on a daily basis making your products by hand in our kitchen, along with packing orders, ordering supplies, keeping the website easy to use and helping out with all customer queries!

Frank - Creative Manager

Frank works super hard behind the scenes mainly on our personalised products, cutting and applying the vinyl to your orders, along with sourcing new and exciting products for the range

Mabel - Warehouse & Dispatch Supervisor

I'd say Mabel works super hard but she's usually asleep unless there are belly rubs involved. She makes sure the products smell amazing and oversees the dispatch and restocking!

Lincoln - Apprentice

Lincoln’s the new kid on the block and is slowly learning the ropes. So far he’s head of chewing packing peanuts to make sure they dissolve in water, or his mouth..