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Just Wicks has been my go-to for buying gifts for a few years now. They have something for everyone so I have put together a bit of a “gift guide” which will hopefully help you when buying presents for friends and family. Sorry to mention it in September… but we all know Christmas is just round the corner so we need to start getting organised because if you’re anything like me you’ll be running around the week before and ordering things on express delivery before you know it!

This year more than ever I know people will be spending less on gifts and sticking to tighter budgets, this is where Just Wicks comes in to help. They have melt liners for 50p, imperfect wax melts for £1 and burners for as little as £3.95, this is without using the 10% discount codes they always have running too. So any budget you have in mind, I’m sure you’ll find something for everyone on their website.

Spoiler alert to any of my family members who read this… expect Just Wicks gifts again this year!

I don’t think you can go wrong with hampers, so, I’m going to start my gift guide with what I did for my sisters last Christmas


Gift Hampers

Last year, for Christmas, I put together a hamper box for my 2 sisters and that started with making an order from Just Wicks. In each of their hamper I added a wax burner, 3 wax melts, a bath bomb and 2 shower steamers – all from the Just Wicks website. Then I added a few other things such as a bottle, scratch cards, sweets, face mask trio and some other self-care items! Satisfying to put together and a gift that shows thought has been put into making it.


Gifts for Mum

Mums and sisters, I find, are the easiest to buy for… you just buy things you’d like to receive yourself! An added bonus, if you’re still living with them you get to appreciate the gifts too! The 2 staple items from Just Wicks that are great presents for your Mum, Step-Mum or a mother figure are the reed diffusers and signature candles. The standard reed diffusers are a good fit for any home as you can choose the colour of the reeds and collar! Or you can get a fancier reed diffuser from the Opulence collection – there are some stunning options. All the reed diffusers come with a choice of any scent from the Signature Scents, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Once the scent has run out, they can also re-use the diffusers and just order a new scent and reeds! The Signature Candles are also a great gift that give off a luxury feel in any home with the matte black jar and a wooden wick to give off a subtle crackle. Again, you can choose from any of the Signature scents and you can get up to 50 hours burn time!


Gifts for Dad

How hard are Dads to buy for? The last person I have ideas for when it comes to Birthdays, Fathers Day and Christmas! Next time you’re struggling take a look at the Just Wicks car freshener collection. All Dads like to have a nice smelling car and there are a couple of car diffusers that would be a great gift for any Dad. Pair with a scent like Creed or Boss Bottled and you’re onto a winner! My second gift recommendation for Dad’s is Carpet Freshener. Remember when your Dad was obsessed with hoovering up when you were younger… or was it that he just wanted you to do some chores around the house once in a while? Either way get him some Carpet Freshener to make hoovering up that little bit more enjoyable for him. There are some amazing fresh scents that fill the room and keep it smelling unreal all day!


Gifts for Grandparents

I don’t know about anyone else, but you always seem to find fancy hand wash in your Grandparents house so the Hand & Body wash from Just Wicks would make the perfect gift for them. My personal recommendations on scents would be Coconut & Lime or Lemon & Lavender… 2 amazing scents that I would recommend in any form (candles, wax melts, room sprays, reed diffusers to name a few) but the hand & body wash leaves you catching a smell of them on yourself all day! Another gift that would be great for your grandparents is anything from the Village Pottery collection! You really must see these items in person to appreciate how amazing they are. Once you have bought one you can keep adding to the collection and build a little village too. This also gives the rest of your family scope to buy them items to add to the collection too – ask them to thank you later for the gift idea!

Gifts for Auntie

You can’t go wrong with a burner from the Opulence collection, luxury looking wax burners that come in either white or nude so they can fit into any home. My favourite burner from this collection and my top recommendation is the Talin burner – simplistic but a real statement burner! Add some expensive smelling melts to this burner such as Baccarat Rouge or Seychelles and it’s the perfect luxury pair for less than £20.

Gifts for Friends

Who doesn’t love receiving bath bombs? A go to gift for any friends or family. Just Wicks do some amazing donut bath bombs that smell just as good as they look! With 8 different donuts to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. Have friends that aren’t a fan of having a soak in the bath? Then get rid, you don’t need that negativity in your life… nah I’m joking! But you can get them shower steamers instead, the perfect alternative for anyone who prefers a shower but still likes a good pamper. Again, there’s plenty of shower steamers to choose from whether they’re getting ready for a long week ahead on a Sunday or getting ready for a long night ahead on a Saturday.


Gifts for you!

Don’t forget to treat yourself too. We can all get caught up buying for others and getting stressed in the lead up to big events like Christmas that we forget to take time for ourselves. Get yourself in the bath or shower with a bath bomb or steamer, lather up with some of your favourite scent in the body wash and then crawl into bed with a candle burning either reading a good book or watching your favourite film/tv show.


If you still find yourself struggling for gift idea’s or you just haven’t got the time to be scrolling through websites searching for gifts, Just Wicks also have a “Gift” section on the website that is made for all you last minute buyers! You can choose your melts that go into each of the gift boxes if you have any scents in mind or you can add a comment letting Tom know you’d like him to pick out the scents for you. (He won’t judge you for being lazy, promise!)


I hope you found this gift guide useful and if you do buy any gifts for family and friends let me and Tom know via Instagram – we love to see what you buy others and how you introduce new people to Just Wicks!

Written by Chelsie Nussey @chelsie_atnumber11

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