The easiest ways to change your wax melts

There’s nothing I love more than changing my wax melts! With many easy ways of doing it, it means I can switch up the scent whenever I want, to suit my mood, season, or just a scent I love!

Here are my favourite and easiest ways to change your wax melts, so you can change your wax melts whenever you like!

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1. Use A Wax Melt Liner
What are wax melt liners, I hear you ask! I also thought the same until a few months ago. These babies are the ultimate godsend when changing wax melts. They literally sit on top of your burner with your melt in, meaning all you need to do to change them is pop it out, and a new one in! No cleaning, no water, no freezing required. These things will change your life, and best of all, they are 50p each! Bargain!

2. The Hot Water Method
This one is new to me, but is just as effective (and handy if you don’t have kitchen roll near by!) All you need to do is tip your burner upside down, run it under your hot water tap for a couple of minutes, flip it back over and the melt should pop right out. Be careful when doing this method, it sounds obvious but the burner can be really hot when sliding the melt out. You also need to make sure your burner is completely dry before lighting again. I also prefer this method when changing out my plug in scent, the dish is perfect to run under the hot water tap - again make sure it’s clean and dry before using again.

3. The Freezer Method
This one is an oldie, but goldie method of changing your wax melts. All you need to do is grab the burner you want to change and stick it in your freezer! Yes, really… This method takes a bit of time and isn’t as quick as the other two methods, however it is just as effective and works all the same! The only trouble with this one for me is not having the room in my freezer for my gorgeous Opulence burners that are such good value for money with their size and they make a statement piece in any home. Don’t forget to allow your burner to reach room temperature before burning a new wax melt.

4. The Kitchen Roll and Tea Light Method
Last but definitely not least… my personal favourite because it’s mess free and the quickest to do. Simply light your burner with the old melt still in, grab your kitchen roll (or cotton pads if you’re fancy), give it a minute or so, then simply slide out the old melt, clean the burner and pop your new melt in!

It really is that easy to change your wax melts and that is why I love them so much. I change mine at least twice a week, sometimes more, especially if I’ve had a delivery of new melts or if I’m wanting a specific scent in a certain area. My plug in burner in the hallway is my favourite one to change as it’s the one you smell when you first walk into my house and I just have to have a gorgeous scent in there.

On that note, I’m off to change all of my wax melts!

Written by Jenna Turner - @ourhome__jg

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