Getting Started With Wax Melts

Wax melts are a great alternative to candles in your home and often give you a better scent throw. In this guide we're going to talk about how to get started with wax melts and all the good stuff you need to get going.

1. Picking a wax burner

First of all you will need to decide on a device to melt your wax melts in, there are an amazing range available from tealight burners, to electric plug in burners, and there are even mini electric burners that plug directly into your wall outlets. 

Here is a little overview of each type of wax burner to give you an idea of what might be best for you

Tealight Burner - usually a small to medium sized ceramic sculpted burner, in a classic shape or can also come in novelty shapes such as houses, beehives and other seasonal classics. There is a built in well to add your chosen melt to, they are simple and easy to use and are powered by unscented tealights

Electric Burners - these are a larger burner that will sit on a table top or a surface within your home, most of the time they are made from glass or some form of metal, more often than not they have a removable glass dish for the wax to melt in. These are powered by electricity, so make sure you have a plug socket nearby! There is no tealight required for this option as the bulb provides heat for the melt, and also light to illuminate your room, these are also known as aroma lamps as they are considerably brighter than tealights

Mini Electric Burners - very similar to the normal electric burners, these run on electricity and have a glass dish or sometimes a built in well for your melt. The same principal applies that these have a bulb inside which lights up and provides heat to melt your wax. The main difference is these are considerably smaller and plug directly into a wall outlet - making them perfect for hallways, kitchens and porches. These also provide a nice ambient light for areas where you may not be able to have a lamp or lighting on. 


2. Picking a wax melt

This is the fun part, deciding on the scent you would like to fill your space. We have many scents available depending on your taste, from fresh and clean to perfumes and aftershaves we've got something to suit everyone's taste. If you've not used our wax melts before, then using a shot pot is a good idea to see which scents you like before upgrading to our full sized wax melts.

Once you have your chosen melt, it is important to make sure the amount your putting into your melter is an appropriate size so that it doesn't overflow. Typically our shot pots will fit most burners without the need to split them. Our full sized melts are designed to be snapped into quarters, so that you can use a small amount and get more from your melt, there are however some melters that will fit a full one in. 


3. Time to enjoy

Once you've got your wax burner and added your wax melt to it, all that is left is to start the scent burning either by adding your tealight or turning the electric burner on, after 15-30 minutes your wax should have fully melted and be releasing amazing fragrance into the air. It is completely normal to see scent vapours from time to time. 

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