Changing Your Wax Melts

There are lots of different ways to change your wax from your wax burners once the scent has faded and you're ready for a new one. We've compiled all of the tips and tricks that we know into one place for you to find a technique that works for you!

1. Cotton Wool

This is a simple method and all you need is a few cotton wool balls or pads, and for your wax to be at a melted stage. If your wax is not melted then turn on or light your wax melter and allow the wax to fully melt, once it has melted drop your cotton wool balls or pads into the wax gently and they will soak up the molten wax. It is a good idea to have a piece of kitchen roll to hand just incase the cotton wool drips as you make your way to the bin. 

2. Partial Melt

You may find this technique easier in some burners than others, the idea is that your wax is solid, and you add the heat source for 30 seconds up until a few minutes depending how quickly it heats up, and you should be able to apply pressure to the melt and push it out of the dish as it starts to melt. The majority of the wax will still be solid and easy to remove.

3. The Freezer

This is a technique that is quite new and should only be used with tealight burners or burners with a removable dish. By putting your wax in the freezer the cold makes it shrink so that it pops out of the burner easily. It is very important that your dish or melter has returned to room temperature before you use it again or this can cause a sudden temperature change and the dish or melter can break.

4. Hot Tap

My personal favourite technique is the hot tap, suitable for tealight burners and removable dishes on electric burners. Simply hold the burner upside down and allow hot water to run underneath the well/dish of the wax melt. This will warm it up and the wax will slip straight out, this also provides a good opportunity to make sure your burners are nice and clean ready for the next use. It is also important that these are completely dry before you use them again. A single drop of water could effect the burn if they are not dried correctly.

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