All About Village Pottery

Introducing our newest collection - Village Pottery! 

This collection encapsulates the very British countryside and the cute variety of houses that you see as you pass through winding streets and endless fields. 

Village Pottery are designed individually in Stockport, and from design take around 3 to 4 months to make. Each one is finished by hand, including the glaze which is applied one by one. You will never find one the exact same as the other and that is what makes them so wonderfully unique. They are also exclusive to the UK and Ireland, you won't find them in any other countries! 

The handmade ceramic houses & decor items come in a variety of colours, styles and also uses. We have 3 different types for you to explore

Village Pottery Wax Burner
First and foremost, what collection would be complete without a rustic wax burner. These are designed with a 'well' in the roof of the house where you can pop your melt in, and of course your tealight as normal goes underneath and will gently melt the wax away releasing your fave fragrance!

Village Pottery Tealight Holder
This is an essential for building your village with new styles and shapes, the tealight holder has a cut out in the back for you to slide your tealight into and illuminate the windows. Top Tip: get battery powered tealights that are on a timer so your village illuminates all at the same time every evening! 

Village Pottery Lantern
As above, these feature a cute cut out to slide your tealight into, but have the added bonus of a small rustic handle on. This makes it easy to take your lantern with you - move from the kitchen to the lounge with ease, or take it alfresco to add a glow to your evening. The handles are also removable on these so they don't have to stay on if you don't want them to! 

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