9 things that we're doing as a business to be environmentally friendly!

Everyone is conscious about looking after the environment and so we should be, we should be proud to love where we live and making small changes helps this even more! Here are just a few ways that we are working to be more and more environmentally friendly than ever!

1. Imperfect Wax Melts

Usually when we pour a batch of wax melts, candles or anything else including wax there is always a little bit that is spare, we batch these up as Imperfects and sell these to you guys at only £1, this saves it going to waste and gives you a bargain too. The imperfects can also include lots of other melts such as discontinued or trailed fragrances that are no longer ranged, perhaps something that has been damaged, but rest assured that you are still getting the same amazing fragrance - they're just too good to waste!

2. Recycling 

It's super important that we are recycling our waste especially as there is always quite a bit of it. We separate all of our waste and dispose in the correct bins to assure that it can be recycled or disposed of correctly wherever possible

3. Re-using

We get lots of deliveries every single week that contain boxes, bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, paper hive wrap and so much more. Whatever we can re-use of this packaging we will do to save it going to wase

4. Paper Tape

We've recently upped our packaging game to change over and use paper tape on all of our cardboard boxes, this means they're much more widely recyclable and you don't need to take the tape off. By switching to paper tape, we are using at lest 50% less than our previous PVC fragile tape! 

5. Packaging Peanuts

You've probably all been in the situation where you get your box and its full of the white packaging peanuts and you're left wondering what on earth to do with them? Well it's super easy, pop them in your sink and run hot water or pour a boiling kettle over them and they will simply dissolve. They're made from potato starch, they are 100% bio-degradable and also 100% compostable! 

6. Switching To Paper

We recently switched our Carpet Freshener bags over to a new paper style bag, as these are a single use product the paper bags are much easier recycled or can be cleaned out and re-used for other things around the home! 

7. Refill Options

There is nothing that feels more wasteful than throwing your gorgeous diffuser bottle away when it is empty, but fear not - we offer a refill option for a variety of our products so you can re-use them over and over again. Refills are available in Reed Diffusers, Car Diffusers & Home Cologne! 

8. Eco Friendly Soy Wax 

Introducing our eco friendly soy wax, which you will find used in all of our products. Our wax product is totally bio-degradable and produced very naturally using non genetically modified Soyabean oil. It burns at a much lower temperature than most waxes meaning that it last a lot longer, so not only do you get more for your money, but that means less waste! Our wax has also not been  Animal Tested for cosmetic purposes by or on behalf of the company, nor has any of its component parts named in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary & Handbook (11th Edition), 31st December 1990. You will also be pleased to know that it is vegan friendly too. 

9. Paper Bags

We have always since day 1 used paper bags for all of our collection orders, and also at our pop up shop locations & when you visit HQ. These can then easily be re-used or recycled 

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  • Please text me when u have these imperfect wax melts x

    • Sarah Roden