5 Different Ways To Introduce Scent To Your Home

When it comes to your home, you want it to reflect your personality. When guests come over, there's nothing better than them complimenting your style, or even better, how lush your home smells! So I want to share my top 5 ways to get your home smelling beautiful, and hopefully find a scent that brings you joy in your home!

1. Carpet Freshener

Carpet freshener is the quick fix to a whole room smelling like your chosen scent! Simply sprinkle on your carpet or rug, leave to do its thing for 15-30 minutes, then vacuum up! That lasting scent will stick around. You can also use your carpet freshener inside your car, on your mattress and on upholstery too. The powder extracts any unwanted, lingering scents from your carpet or fabric to get that fresh feeling. My go-to scent in carpet freshener is Strawberry and Lily!

2. Mini Plug-In Burner

Now, full disclosure, I wasn't sold on these burners for a while. I then visited Just Wicks HQ and became completely hooked when I saw one in action! It's as simple as plugging it into your wall outlet and switching it on! They're perfect for a small space like a hallway or porch. When you purchase a mini plug-in, it comes with a spare dish AND a spare bulb! Top tip - a 25g shot pot is the perfect size to just pop into the glass dish and go!

3. Reed Diffuser

Hi, my name is Liv and I'm a reed diffuser addict! I have 3 around our home and they are FABULOUS! You can choose the collar colour, reed colour and length as well as the scent so they can be totally personalised. They last between 3 and 6 months and once its empty, you can grab a refill. If you're feeling boujee and looking for a real statement piece, the Opulence Diffusers are perfect! In a range of shapes and colours, these ceramic pieces give a real bold home accessory statement. Better for the environment and a gorgeous piece of décor. What more could you want? My fave is Eucalyptus Mist - a fresh and deep scent!

4. Home Cologne

The signature home cologne is so versatile, it's a great place to start your scented journey! The cap colour can be chosen too which helps it fit right into your home décor. You can spritz it in the air, on your throws and cushions or even in the car. It provides a burst of fragrance that instantly freshens. I also rate this method to add some scent to your home because there's nothing to light! No flames and super quick. Similar to the reed diffuser, once its empty you can pick up a refill and do your bit for the environment. My current fave scent for home cologne is Baccarat Rouge.

5. Wax Melts

With sooooo many scents in the signature range PLUS seasonal specials to choose from, what's not to love?! Your wax melts can be snapped into quarters and popped into your chosen burner with ease. If you snap it into quarters, your melt can last up to an impressive 64 hours! Every single time I place an order, I can't resist adding a lavender melt, a truly relaxing scent with spa vibes.

Written by Liv @homewithlivv

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