5 amazing benefits of using wax melts in your home

So the benefits of wax melts… what are they? I use wax melts EVERYDAY and here are just 5 of the benefits …

1) Make your home smell amazing
Wax melts are super strong and allow your home to smell insane! As soon as you light your wax melt the smell literally flows to every little corner of your home! They’re perfect for constantly having a fresh smelling home, and the perfect option for making sure your home always stays fresh for your guests.

2) You can change the smell as much as you like
The beauty of wax melts are that can you change the smell around as much as you would like! They burn a lot quicker than a typical candle, so you’re able to change the smell around as much as you like and mix up the smells depending on your room and mood! I like my living room to have quite a fresh cosy smell, but I like my bathroom to have quite a fruity clean smell, but if I’m wanting to mix it up a little I can just change the wax melt over to a new scent!

3) Cosy factor with no added soot
So it’s no secret cosy season is upon us and wax melts are the perfect addition to any home! The perfect cosy evening for me is getting my pjs on getting snuggled on the sofa with my blanket and watching a film, but the BEST part of the night is lighting my wax melt in my village pottery burner and watching the tealight flicker through the windows of the burner! The ULTIMATE cosy factor! Because there are so many benefits to wax melts, I’ve sneakily added an extra benefits in here (naughty I know 🤣), so whilst the wax melt is burning, there is literally no chance of of any soot coming from the wax melt as there is no wick! I’ve had some awful candles in the past which has lead to black soot going up the wall, I’m so thankful that I don’t have that problem any more!

4) Cost effective
Just Wicks wax melts are SUPER affordable, but I have a way to make them even more cost effective. So… for the shot pots I chop them in half and the 50g wax melts I chop them into a quarter to make sure I maximise the burning time of each melt. I let the wax melt burn for at least three uses before I change them over, and it’s just the strong the third time as it was the first time. Also, burning wax melts in the cost of living crisis will help your home stay warmer by burning the wax melt for much cheaper than electricity would be and you get a gorgeous smell too - BONUS 🥳

5) Soy wax
Just Wicks make their wax melts using soy wax, which are non toxic meaning that the wax melts are non poisonous so are safe to burn around pets. Wax melts are classed as clean burning due to the soy wax passing clean burning regulations.

There are SO many benefits to using wax melts, but you’re gaining a clean burning, gorgeous smelling fresh home all for one product ❤️❤️

Written by Mollie Evans @home_with_mollie

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