4 Ways To Make Your House Smell Amazing

Top tips for making your home smell amazing.
So… I have a dog and my partner is a joiner.
My house would smell of sawdust or wet dog the majority of the time if I didn’t use Just Wicks products!
Cleaning the house, lighting a burner with your favourite scent and getting cosy on the sofa is something I LOVE doing. Especially in the colder months! Cosy vibes are life.

No 1 Top Tip
The product I use the most is their wax melts. I’ve found they are great to fit any mood.
Cosy? Fruity? Fresh? There’s a wax melt for that. Not feeling yesterdays scent? Pop the wax out and put another in.
New day new scent.
A little goes a looooong way! Each wax melt lasts for up to 64 hours!

Tip 2 - Stay Fresh
Carpets trap all sorts of smells so for your carpets I recommend using Just Wicks Carpet Freshener.
1 pack with 3 uses! Bonus!
Use 1: Carpets - sprinkle over your carpet and leave for 15-30 mins before hoovering up. Your carpets (and vacuum) will smell amazing! Trust me!
Use 2: Bins - sprinkle a bit of the carpet freshener in your bin and say goodbye to the rotten bin juice smell and hello to strawberries and lilies!
Use 3: Upholstery - sprinkle onto your sofas just like you do with your carpets! Wait and vacuum off. Stunning!!

Tip 3 - Subtle but constant.
I have around 3 of their Diffusers. (Not including the one in my car!)
These are ideal for a more subtle scent 24/7.
No flames, no effort. Just pop the diffuser in any room and the scent will fill it! I have one in the entrance of our home, the front room and the spare room. All in different scents which compliment each other amazingly. I’m sure I’ll be buying more soon though!

Final Tip - The Perfect Boost
A life saver of a product is the Home cologne.
Visitors coming over with short notice?! Not to worry, just run around the house spraying Just Wicks home cologne and everyone will believe you’ve got your life together ✌🏻Trust me, I’m talking from experience.
There’s nothing better than a visitor walking into your home and saying ‘oooh it smells nice in here!’ You’re damn right it does.
‘Mountain Air’ is my favourite fresh scent or ‘Strawberry & Lily’

Buy any of the products listed above and your home will smell amazing instantly!

Written by Leigha McGuinness @mycorkhome

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