Lemon Carpet Freshener 500g

Lemon Carpet Freshener 500g


Highly scented and bursting with fragrance, our carpet freshener is made using high quality ingredients to give you the best results. 


Simply dust over carpets to draw out oils and oudours to leave your home smelling super fresh! 


Each pouch contains 500g of carpet freshener in a fragrance of your choice, we reccomend decanting into one of our carpet shaker bottles to make distrubuting the freshener even easier!

    • Perform a small 'patch test' on an inconspicous area first
    • Sprinkle lightly over carpet and leave for 15-30 minutes for best results
    • Assure there is no contact made to the freshener whilst in use (children or pets)
    • Use in a well ventilated area
    • Avoid breathing in dust
    • Store out of reach from children
    • Check your hoover filters & clean regularly as we cannot accept liability for misuse
    • Do not eat


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