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During this vastly unsettling time for the country with so much uncertainty, we'd just like to assure you that it is business as (near enough) normal here at Just Wicks.

Processing Areas

Our stock is not kept within our home, and instead in a minimal traffic area, thus to minimize any contact etc.

All areas that anything comes into contact with is being cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis, as normal.


We may take slightly longer to process your deliveries, as we will not be making excessive trips to drop off parcels, we will aim to do a drop off twice a week depending on demand, to minimize the amount of contact that we are making.

Our courier has given us the following statement about how they are handling their deliveries during this time

"The interests of our customers, our people and our communities are at the center of everything we do and this is particularly important during these challenging times. With this in mind, we wanted to reach out and reassure you that we are putting in place a number of robust measures designed to make health and safety a top priority whilst still enabling people to send and receive parcels. We understand that deliveries to homes are not only convenient but could also prove to be a lifeline for many people and we take this responsibility extremely seriously.

So, we are making some changes to the way our couriers deliver parcels to offer 'contact-free delivery' right to everyone's doorsteps. These include:

  • Asking customers to choose a safe place for deliveries. Anybody due to receive a parcel should visit the tracking section and choose 'divert' to select a safe place.

  • If a safe place hasn't been chosen but there is somewhere safe to deliver the parcel, then couriers will leave it there, even when there is someone in the property. A photo will be taken and this will be included in the delivery notification email.

  • For parcels requiring a signature, our couriers can temporarily do this on behalf of the customer to avoid unnecessary contact via hand-held devices. This will only happen when the customer opens the door and gives their name for security reasons. The courier will stay at least two steps away

  • If there is no safe place available, please be assured that we will always attempt delivery 3 times."

If you have any queries around the processes we are making during this time, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information